One Heart

Choreographed by Chris Watson (Australia) May 2003
Description: 32 count, 4 wall, beginner/intermediate level line dance
Music: 'One Heart' by Celine Dion from her CD: 'One Heart' 

(1 - 8)  
1-2-3&4 Walk forward right-left, right shuffle forward right-left-right
5-6-7&8 Rock forward left, back onto right, triple step turn via left shoulder, step left-right-left
(9 - 16)   
1-2-3&4 Rock right to right side and back onto left, step right behind left, left to left side and right across in front of left
5-6-7&8 Rock left to left side and back onto right, step left behind right, right to right side and left across in front of right doing a turn to the right (now facing back wall)
1-2&3-4 Step right foot forward pivot a turn via left, stepping right foot together with left and step left foot forward (&) do a turn via your right shoulder take weight onto right (facing 3 o clock)
5-6-7&8 Rock left foot forward, right foot back, do a left coaster step
1-2&3&4 Rock forward onto right, back onto left, step right foot back and left heel forward, step left foot back and right foot forward with weight onto right
5-6-7&8 Rock back on left. Rock forward onto right.


On Walls 3 & 7, after beat 24 (coaster step) restart dance with walking forward.


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